October 28, 2018
What Do Chinchillas Need In Their Cage

What Do Chinchillas Need In Their Cage?

Chinchillas are naturally playful and cheeky little pets, but this wonderful friendly nature will only come out if you set up your Chinchilla’s living environment so that it is as happy as it can be. A depressed Chinchilla does not make a good pet! Part of making your Chinchilla happy is setting up their cage with some basic chinchilla cage accessories. The bare minimum that your Chinchillas needs are a durable and safe exercise wheel, a water bottle that’s easy to clean, […]
October 11, 2018

What Are Some Chinchilla Safe Wood for Chews, Shelves And Toys

Chinchillas love to be busy, obviously also as the teeth continually grow they need access to good gnawing material. As a chinchilla pet owner, the last thing you want to do is unintentionally give your chin a piece of wood, or any item, that may make him sick or worse yet, cause death! Untreated wooden levels placed in the cage make for great exercise as well as giving your Chinchilla a good source of chewing material. Also, untreated wooden houses provide a […]
October 6, 2018

Things To Consider If Your Wanting A Chinchilla As A Pet

So why choose a chinchilla as a pet? With such a large choice of pets around why choose a chinchilla? Maybe because you perceive them as cute and think they will not take up too much space? Below are the reasons for buying, or not buying, a chinchilla Reasons you may not want to buy a chinchilla You don’t have time to dedicate to him/her You want an animal you can cuddle and pet – most chinchillas are not keen on being […]
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