October 21, 2018

Chinchilla Facts for Kids & Everyone Else

Listed below are some informative facts that can be used to enhance your knowledge about chinchillas or even help you in your decision to welcome one into the family. Originally native to the Andes Mountains of South America, chinchillas are members of the rodent family that are found in the wild and often kept as pets as well. For a time, chinchillas were even nearly driven to extinction due to the demand for their extremely soft fur in the fur trade industry. Even […]
October 21, 2018

Chinchilla Prices: How Much Do Chinchillas Cost?

Wondering how much a chinchilla costs? Chinchilla prices can vary greatly depending on where you get your chin from. Besides the cost of the chin, you should also take into account the setup costs, including getting basic accessories and a cage, as well as the day to day costs of owning and taking care of a chin. This post will help you get an estimate by listing prices of chinchillas and that of the supplies you will need. So How Much Are Chinchillas […]
October 21, 2018
Chinchilla Colors

Chinchilla Colors: Beige, Violet & Other Types of Chinchillas

There are two types of chinchillas in the wild – the long-tailed and the shorted tailed chinchilla. In captivity, the long-tailed chinchilla has been bred to produce mutations of various attractive colors. Photos and videos (when available) along with descriptions of the different colors are shown below to help you identify your chin’s type or find out how some of these mutations are produced. Contents 1 The Standard Chinchilla 2 Is There A Black Chinchilla? 2.1 Black Velvet 2.2 Ebony 2.3 Charcoal 3 The Violet Chinchilla 4 The Sapphire […]
October 20, 2018
Chinchilla Lifespan How Long Do Chinchillas Live

Chinchilla Lifespan: How Long Do Chinchillas Live?

Contents 1 Introduction to the Chinchilla’s Lifespan 2 How Long Do Chinchillas Live in Captivity? 3 How to Improve the Chances of Your Chin Living a Long & Healthy Life 3.1 Get Your Chinchillas From A Reputable Breeder 3.2 Provide A Suitable Living Environment 3.3 Proper Nutrition is Essential 3.4 Avoid Letting Your Chin Roam Free In The House 3.5 Pay Attention To Your Chin’s Behavior 3.6 Know Where Your Nearest Exotic Vet Is 4 Conclusion Introduction to the Chinchilla’s Lifespan Chinchillas […]
October 6, 2018
Tips You Can Learn Today To Help Your Chinchilla A Lifetime

Tips You Can Learn Today To Help Your Chinchilla A Lifetime

I’m sitting here watching Jasper jump and play, and I remembered back when I first brought him home. I didn’t know a single thing about this new little life I was about to be responsible for. I researched and learned everything I possibly could so that I could give him a healthy, happy home. What follows is some of the things I have learned about chinchillas. Chinchilla Quick Fact Guide: Average life expectancy is between 10-20 years. The oldest Chinchilla I have […]
October 6, 2018

Things To Consider If Your Wanting A Chinchilla As A Pet

So why choose a chinchilla as a pet? With such a large choice of pets around why choose a chinchilla? Maybe because you perceive them as cute and think they will not take up too much space? Below are the reasons for buying, or not buying, a chinchilla Reasons you may not want to buy a chinchilla You don’t have time to dedicate to him/her You want an animal you can cuddle and pet – most chinchillas are not keen on being […]
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