How Does Exercise Effects Chinchillas

The chinchilla is a very special exotic animal. It is nocturnal, has the thickest fur among all land animals, and is also very sensitive to high levels of heat and humidity. However, like all other animals that are used to being in the wild, the chinchilla is also one that needs constant exercise. While this may appear to be common sense, many chinchilla owners take this for granted.

Exercise and Stress

Chinchillas that are not able to get the right amount of exercise will be under a certain amount of stress. Sometimes, the chinchilla will show signs of irritability and will not appreciate anyone who tries to come near them. Other times, they can even turn hostile and bite or scratch both the people and the other chinchillas around them. It is also a common sign of stress for the chinchilla to bite its own fur, and even to spray urine all over itself and its surroundings. If you want to avoid these problems, make sure that you give your pet chinchilla the right amount of exercise every day.

Chinchillas and Obesity

Another reason why the chinchilla should be given proper exercise on a regular basis is for it not to become too fat or obese. Many animals being kept as pets suffer from this condition, and the chinchilla is no exception. No matter how healthy and regulated your chinchilla’s foods are, regular exercise is still necessary for it to be healthy and to live a long life.

Taking the Chinchilla for a Walk

It is fairly easy to provide exercise for the chinchilla. Because the animal is small, a walk that would normally have to be done outdoors can simply be done at home provided that there is a wide enough space. Allow the chinchilla to get out of the cage at least once a day. Of course, this needs to be accompanied by constant supervision to make sure that the chinchilla does not get into any harm or trouble.

By letting your pet chinchilla outside of its cage, you will already know how it has been treated in its past home. A chinchilla that is used to exercise will move actively about while a chinchilla that has been kept in the cage will move at a slower, unsure pace. The chinchilla is a naturally hyperactive animal. It is only right that the animal is allowed its moment of freedom at least once a day.

Exercise in the Cage

If you think that you have limited space inside the home and are afraid to take your pet chinchilla outside, an exercise wheel inside the cage will also work perfectly. The chinchilla can get its much-needed exercise anytime it wants, and it will be in a safe environment too. The chinchilla naturally knows what its body needs, so providing it with the right equipment is enough on your part as a chinchilla owner.

Love Your Chinchilla

Making sure that your pet chinchilla has the right amount of exercise that it needs is just one of the ways that you show how much you truly love your pet. Having a chinchilla is a serious commitment and it is not something that you just forget after all the excitement wears off. If you truly love your pet chinchilla, take it out regularly and make sure that it gets enough exercise so that it lives a long and healthy life.

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