Meet Forest and Jenny From Ravenswood, WV

I received a call last week from a very gentle sounding young lady who asked if she could surrender her chinchillas to me. She and her family loved them very much but the male was losing weight and she was worried about how to care for him. I agreed to take them, of course, and she was to bring them to my home on Monday, June 10th.

Amanda arrived at my home around noon with the two chinchillas carefully tucked away into two separate pet carriers while transporting their large metal cages on her trailer. It was apparent that they had purchased the best equipment for the two chins, so I knew that they were well loved!

With the help of my daughter Andrea and the previous owner Amanda, we carried the oversized cages into my home. Amanda and her toddler said their good-byes and once they had left I began settling them in.



For right now the only history I have on these two is that Jenny was purchased from a pet store, where her mate had been sold without her! Jenny is approximately 3 or 4 years old. She likes to be petted but will spray urine if you attempt to hold her.

Forrest (pictured above) is the male and is extremely small. To give you an idea of how small, he is sitting next to a 15″ Chin-Spin! He is approximately a year old. He was purchased three or four months ago as a mate for Jenny but the previous owner said that Jenny didn’t like him. Forrest L-O-V-E-S his wheel!

Begin Nutrional Therapy


I gave them both a tiny piece of carrot and a dandelion head, but they weren’t interested in either.  I prepared a solution of half water, half Pedialyte for Forrest and put hay and pellets into both of their cages.

Settling In and Removing Plastic


I am going to let them settled for a day or two and then I will examine them both for overgrown teeth and him for furrings. We are also working on removing all exposed plastic from within their cages.

Jenny (Female)


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