If you’ve been a Chin owner very long you know that a good food dish can make all the difference.

A sturdy, non-chewable, non-spillable, and reasonably priced Chinchilla food dish can mean the difference between a clean, tidy cage, and a frustrating and messy cage, dirty floor area and wasted food!

Which Food Dish Should I Get for my Chinchilla?

I’ve used numerous food dishes over the years and my favorite one, by far, is the Living World Lock and Crock Dish. Here’s exactly why I love this dish:

  • It’s super easy to attach and lock onto your chins cage.
  • It’s constructed of extra-thick, chew-resistant plastic.
  • I can throw it in my dishwasher.
  • It won’t spill!
  • My Chins can’t knock it over.
  • I don’t have to clean up pellets off of my floor!

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