Should you cover a chinchilla cage at night?

A common myth in chinchilla care is that they need to have their cage covered at night with a blanket. This is absolutely not true.

It is harmful to the overall physical and mental health of the chinchilla to cover their cage at night because it affects their sleep and eating schedules. Chinchillas’ schedule is based on the natural light structure. These creatures are nocturnal. They enjoy being active at night and rest during the day. Throwing a blanket over a chinchilla’s cage will result in a disruption to their normal schedules.

Odor Control

Covering your chinchilla’s cage can be a stinky mistake. If you make the mistake of covering your chinchilla’s cage, then the air will remain trapped in the cage. This air is contaminated with waste and is very smelly. As a result, it will produce a negative odor that will affect the odor of the room. Proper airflow will lead to an increase in ventilation. Proper ventilation is essential to the animal’s health, hygiene, and overall happiness of your pet.


Covering its cage with a blanket can potentially be a fatal mistake. A blanket covering its cage can lead to a buildup of humidity and overheat your chinchilla. These creatures need a dry and cold airflow to remain healthy. In the event that your chinchilla becomes overheated, it would be best to contact a veterinarian for advice. To prevent these issues from occurring, please refrain from covering your chinchilla’s cage with a blanket.

Mental Health

Chinchillas can become easily depressed and need to be included in your everyday life. These animals are social by nature. They enjoy observing their surroundings and are very curious and intelligent animals. They do not like to feel isolated and do not want to be by themselves. In fact, the noises and other sounds that surround it can bring it a sense of routine and comfort. Which will keep your chinchilla feeling safe and happy. Covering your chinchilla will result in the animal being more skittish and may lead to your animal becoming distressed.

Preventing Injuries and Accidents

Covering your chinchilla’s cage will also eliminate light from entering its cage. These creatures have excellent vision with natural light at night and covering their cage will make it pitch dark for your pet. These creatures like to be very active and jump around frequently at night. A blanket on the cage will hinder their eyesight and they may fall during their nightly activities. These falls can result in fractures and other injuries. If you want to keep your chinchilla sheltered and safe, then you can provide a hide box in its cage. This will allow the chinchilla to be able to move around freely. They will be able to hide and play when they want to. Another option is that you can move its cage to a safer, quieter area of the house.

Exceptions to the Rule

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule and there are instances where it would be best to cover your chinchilla’s cage with a blanket. If you are having friends over and it is going to be loud, then a blanket can help reduce the noise and keep your chinchilla from being scared. In a case of a power outage, then a blanket can keep your chinchilla warm. However, in the event that the chinchilla appears distressed, then it is best to remove the blanket. Do not let covering your chinchilla’s cage with a blanket to become a habit.

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