Top 6 Chinchilla Chew Toys for Healthy Teeth and Happy Pets


Chinchillas, with their irresistibly soft fur and lively personalities, make wonderful pets. These small rodents have unique dental needs, and providing them with the right chew toys is essential for their overall health and well-being. In this article, we will explore the best chinchilla chew toys available on Amazon, ensuring your furry friend stays entertained while maintaining strong, healthy teeth.

1. Kaytee Perfect Chews for Chinchillas: [available HERE on Amazon]
The Kaytee Perfect Chews are designed specifically for chinchillas, offering a variety of textures and materials to satisfy their natural chewing instincts. With a combination of wood and loofah, these toys promote dental health by helping to prevent overgrown teeth. The bright colors add a playful touch to your chinchilla’s habitat.

2. Ware Manufacturing Willow Branch Ball: [available HERE on Amazon]
Chinchillas love to chew on natural materials, and the Ware Manufacturing Willow Branch Ball is an excellent choice. Made from natural willow branches woven into a ball, this toy provides a satisfying chewing experience while also serving as a source of mental stimulation. It’s a safe and eco-friendly option for your pet.

3. Niteangel Natural Apple Sticks: [available HERE on Amazon]
Apple sticks are a chinchilla favorite, and Niteangel offers a high-quality option. These natural apple sticks not only provide a tasty treat but also encourage healthy dental wear. Rich in fiber, they contribute to good digestion, making them a well-rounded addition to your chinchilla’s chew toy collection.

4. Rosewood Pet Boredom Breaker Natural Treats : [available HERE on Amazon]
The Rosewood Pet Boredom Breaker Pinecone is a fantastic combination of a tasty treat and a chew toy. Filled with hay and covered in colorful petals, this pinecone not only promotes dental health but also provides mental stimulation. It’s a great way to keep your chinchilla engaged and entertained.

5. JanYoo Guinea Pig Toys Chinchilla Chew Toys: [available HERE on Amazon]
The JanYoo Chinchilla Chew Toys set offers a variety of options to keep your pet’s teeth in top condition. From natural wooden sticks to lava blocks, these toys cater to different chewing preferences. The colorful design adds a visually appealing element to your chinchilla’s environment.

6. Oxbow Enriched Life Play Wall: [available HERE on Amazon]
The Oxbow Enriched Life Play Wall is a multi-functional toy designed to encourage physical activity and dental health. With a combination of wooden blocks, sisal rope, and loofah, this wall-mounted toy provides endless opportunities for chewing and climbing. It’s an interactive addition to your chinchilla’s living space.


Investing in the right chew toys is crucial for the dental and mental well-being of your chinchilla. The products mentioned above, all available on Amazon, cater to various preferences and ensure that your furry friend stays happy and healthy. Remember to monitor your chinchilla’s toys regularly for wear and tear, replacing them as needed to provide a safe and engaging environment for your beloved pet.


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