What is the Best Chinchilla Water Bottle?

What is the Best Chinchilla Water Bottle?

First of all, why do you need a special water bottle for your chinchilla? Hopefully, you already know that chinchillas absolutely cannot and should not get wet under any circumstances due to the nature of their fur.

Chinchillas’ fur is so incredibly thick and dense that if it gets any water on it, it can get all matted together, taking an extremely long time to dry, which could lead to fungal infections. In order to avoid this, chinchillas need specialized water bottles. These water bottles need to prevent leakage, as well as be strong enough to resist the nibbling teeth of your chinchilla. Fortunately, we have found the perfect water bottle for the job!

The Lixit Glass Tube Water Bottle (available here at Amazon) is built for animals with strong bite forces, like parrots, or chinchillas. It will help you in your quest to care for your chinchilla as best as you can! Keep on reading for more!

Plastic Free!

This new water bottle is made out of an extremely durable glass that will not break and is impervious to the gnawing teeth of your furry little friend. Since there is no plastic in the design, there is no risk of your pet chinchilla ingesting any little sharp plastic pieces that could damage their internal system.

Chinchillas need to constantly be gnawing on things to help them keep their teeth from growing too long, but you don’t want them chewing on anything plastic that they might ingest. The holder for the bottle is of a metal design, so there’s not even any plastic there that could put your chinchilla in danger. Plus, the glass water bottle comes in a variety of sizes, all extremely sturdy. You can choose what size would be the best fit for your chinchilla’s enclosure and needs.

Chew Proof!

The tip of this water bottle has been specially reinforced to resist the teeth of anything that may try to take a bite out of it. The metal design helps to combat any damage and therefore extend the life of the water bottle. By getting more use out of this bottle and its chew proof design, you’ll be saving money in the long run! Your chinchilla will not be able to gnaw down this bottle anytime soon!
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The strong design of this bottle and valve keeps it from any kind of leaking or breaking. This reduces the risk of your little chinchilla having any water touch their fur. It also means that you’ll have less clean up to do when you take care of the cage! Minimizing leakage helps to maintain the water level in the bottle, so you can ensure that your chinchilla gets all the water you put out for them to drink. In addition to this, it means you have to refill the water bottle less often, streamlining your tasks every day.

Easy to Clean!

The design of this water bottle makes it easy to clean, especially if you have the Lixit Water Bottle Tube Cleaning Brush! This brush is specifically designed for the Lixit Water Bottles. Coming with a long, flexible handle, it is able to clean all sizes of water bottles from the Lixit range. The helpful brush helps to keep bottles clean and free of any mold or bacteria that could build up on them, as well as the dispensing tubes for the water. Keeping water bottles clean is vital for the health of your pets, as well as the general cleanliness in your home. This brush is just the perfect tool for the job.
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The Lixit Water Bottle and Cleaning Brush!

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best, and cleanest, way to make sure your chinchilla stays hydrated, you cannot go wrong with the Lixit Glass Tube Water Bottle. Its durable design is built to keep your chinchilla safe from gnawing off dangerous plastic parts or getting their dense fur damp. Eliminating these issues will help your chinchilla stay happy and healthy!

The perfect companion for your new water bottle is the Lixit Water Bottle Tube Cleaning Brush (available here at Amazon’s website), which will keep your pet’s water bottle squeaky clean and fresh. You can find the Lixit Glass Tube Water bottle in all of its various sizes here and the Lixit Water Bottle Tube Cleaning Brush here. These tools will help you take care of your furry friend to the highest standards possible. Your chinchilla will be happy, dry, and healthy after you buy this water bottle.


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